Physically-Backed NFT Apparel

SockHodler sells custom-designed Blockchain Socks based on Algorand. Originally planned as a proof of concept, we ended up creating the first pair of Blockchain-Enabled Socks that embeds an NFT into an NearField Communication tag that authenticates if the user is indeed the owner of that NFT. Crazy idea? Yep, but it does pose some opportunities for the future application of wearables to enable new functionalities.

The Execution

SockHodler is a great case study of the difficulties of creating a physical product that is coupled with a digital one. In many ways, developing the technology was the easy part. Things like manging the supply chain, nurturing vendors into doing an unusual service, and spreading manpower across numerous disciplines are the most difficult parts. In order to facilitate the NFC tag scanning, we developed an App that handles the authentication and implemented features such as NFT Staking, Token Exchange, and a Portfolio Viewer.

SockHodler - Physically-Backed NFT Apparel